Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Great Primal Results!

Last week  I went to see my doctor for my annual physical.  I took my wife along with me so I could help alleviate any of her concerns about my dietary decisions. Since I stopped eating grain and have lost about 45 pounds my wife thinks I have developed an eating disorder. The first thing my doctor said was, “Wow, you lost a lot of weight!  How did you do it?”  I told her I stopped eating grains and eat mostly vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and a little bit of dairy.  The doctor said that that sounded great and told my wife that me losing weight was much healthier then being extremely overweight like I was before.

The doctor took an EKG and told me that I had a nice resting heart rate in the 40’s.  My HDL came up to 48, from a constant of 36 over the years.  My serum Triglycerides are 65. And, finally, my LDL and Chol/HDLC ratio is in the normal range.

I am going to call this another benefit of my Primal Lifestyle!

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