Sunday, November 28, 2010

If it’s not working for you, why not change it?

I have lost 30 pounds since going Primal in July. I am at the point in my weight loss and fitness change were people are starting notice.  The one question that most people ask me (usually the people that are over-weight) is, “how did you it?” Needless to say, I dread this question because I am tired of the discussion after I answer their question.

When I tell people I just basically ditched the grain, cereal and processed carbs they shake there head and ask the following questions:

  • Were do your carbs come from? Fruits, nuts and vegetables
  • What do you eat for breakfast?  This drives me up the wall.  It seems like it’s hard for people to be creative about breakfast.
  • Do you get hungry?  Not really. I can eat a lot of foods, just no grain (basically).  I also eat some fat for energy and to help me from feeling hungry.
  • You eat fat!  What about all the government guidelines and conventional wisdom that say how bad fat is for you and how you should eat a zillion grams of carbs.  This is were I give up and just say that I have been following those guidelines since I was a teenager and all I did was gain weight and when I tried to lose weight I could never really.

That’s when the questions stop and people want more info about going Primal.  If the Standard American Diet (SAD) is not working out for you, why keep following it?  The more I think about being primal and watch people eat, the more I realize that the SAD is broke and probably needs to be revised.  I have been Primal for five months now with no ill effects.  It has even helped me improve my finishing times in a half marathon and 15K race.

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